General Liability Insurance, sometimes called Casualty Insurance, consists primarily of liability coverages, which protect an insured party against injury or damage claims made by other parties.

Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman, Inc has been working with business owners in Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Ellicott City and the Mid-Atlantic region for over 140 years to provide comprehensive commercial liability insurance. We work with the nation’s leading carriers to design a package that is best-suited for your business.

Since no two businesses are just alike, we take the time to get to know your personal needs and business requirements before recommending a commercial liability insurance solution.

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for liability arising out of:

  • Premises and Operation
  • Fire Damage Liability (damage by fire to premises rented to insured)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Medical Payments
  • Products/Completed Operations

Business Owners Package

You may want to consider a Business Owners Package which combines your Liability, Property and other types of coverage into one comprehensive policy and which can help you save time and money on your total insurance program.

Commercial Umbrella Policy

And since we live in an age of million-dollar lawsuits, you may also want to add extra liability protection in the form of a Commercial Umbrella Policy. We can tell you more about these plans and if they make sense for you.

Contact an RHH representative to learn more about our commercial liability insurance solutions.

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