Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman, Inc has served the business community in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1871. We provide comprehensive commercial policies including commercial property insurance for a wide range of businesses.

We work with a number of national carriers who provide commercial property insurance whether you own or lease a building or workspace. Commercial property insurance protects not only the physical space, but the physical assets including inventory, outdoor signage, furniture and equipment, fencing and landscaping, and the property of your associates or clients.

Commercial Property Insurance may cover two types of property losses:

  • Direct losses may be covered when property is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.
  • Indirect or consequential losses related to direct losses may also be covered.

When you own a business, commercial property insurance is one of the most important investments you can make in your company. Because we have a strong relationship with our insurance companies, we are able to secure the most competitive premiums and coverage terms for our clients.

Contact an RHH representative today to learn more about commercial property insurance. We can also help you with commercial auto, group benefits, general liability, workers’ compensation and more.

Commercial Property Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What does commercial property insurance protect?
Commercial property insurance covers your building or workspace, whether you lease or own, as well as its physical assets including outdoor signage, inventory, equipment, furniture, and fixtures. There are commercial property insurance policies that will include business income coverage as well.

Will my standard business policy provide coverage for flood damage?
NO! A standard commercial policy does not provide coverage for water damage due to flood, for either the building or personal property. Speak with an RHH Insurance agent to learn more about flood insurance.

What is business income coverage?
Business income coverage is available as part of some commercial property insurance policies. This provides protection against income lost in event of a covered cause such as fire. Business income coverage may also reimburse you for time or resources spent to re-open your business.

What is a business owners policy (BOP)?
A business owners policy is typically a combination of commercial property insurance and general liability insurance in a single policy. Business owners policies are usually customized for a specific industry or type of business.

Are there discounts available for commercial property insurance?
RHH works with some of the nation’s leading carriers to provide the best premiums and most comprehensive coverage for commercial property insurance. There may be discounts available for alarm systems and putting risk management practices in place. One of our commercial property specialists can work with you to help you get the lowest premiums possible without sacrificing the quality of protection.

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