Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman is one of the oldest and most trusted insurance companies in Maryland, located just outside of Baltimore in Ellicott City. Our team understands the complexities of the construction business and we offer a variety of insurance programs to meet those needs.

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Baltimore Contractor Insurance

Baltimore Contractor Insurance

“Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman, Inc. not only was able to offer me a better insurance program, but they were able to offer it at a more competitive price. Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman has better service and expertise than any agent I have ever dealt with” – Mike Corona, Baltimore business owner

Did you know: there are many different types of business insurance available depending on your construction project? RHH takes the guess work out of figuring out which is best for you. Our contractor insurance specialists know how to gather and interpret your information to make sure that you are getting the proper insurance that you need with a top-notch insurance company at one of the most competitive rates.

At the most basic level, a Baltimore contractor needs general liability insurance and workers’ compensation to protect employees and customers.

Additional coverage for Baltimore contractors:

  • Buildings and property
  • Commercial and construction vehicles
  • Tools & equipment (owned or leased)
  • Building materials
  • Property of others in your care, custody or control

Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman, Inc is a proud member of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Understanding Contractors Insurance

When helping you choose which insurance is best for your construction business, our agents do a comprehensive analysis that includes:

  • Coverage Analysis
    We will review policies and go through a detailed coverage checklist during the proposal process.
  • Claims Reviews
    We have an in-house team of claims advisors to offer you advice and help you through the claims process.
  • Loss Control Coordination
    We will coordinate risk control services and work to develop action plans that will lower your exposure to risk.
  • Certificates of Insurance
    We will review subcontractor certificates to confirm proper coverage limits, insurance carrier financials and overall accuracy.
  • Contract Review
    We will review our clients’ contract specifications when requested, playing close attention to the insurance and indemnification provisions.
  • Audits
    We will perform test audits routinely, when requested, to be sure that the existing exposures are accurate. These routine meetings also include developing accurate projections to be sure there are no surprises during the actual audit process.
  • Aggressive Marketing
    We constantly monitor the market for the most competitive, stable companies to represent. We will always provide you with the best rates without sacrificing financial stability and reputation of the carrier.

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