When it comes to professional liability insurance, there is no one size fits all policy. This couldn’t be more true for the technology and software industry. Tech companies are so different from one another, each with a unique business model. Your professional liability coverage needs to fit not just your current business model, but your future one as well.

Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman works with many different types of tech companies throughout Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Ellicott City and the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer a broad range of coverages to help protect your business and assets.

Because technology is constantly evolving, your insurance provider needs to be able to adapt to your rapidly changing industry. RHH works with some of the nation’s leading insurance carriers who can provide relevant property, liability, and loss control services that respond to your needs today and continue to secure your business into the future.

Insurance Designed for the Modern Tech Company

Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman carefully selects insurance carriers who offer comprehensive professional liability insurance solutions for the technology and software industry. Our insurance solutions go beyond liability insurance to protect your property and auto. In addition, we offer employee benefits packages and workers’ compensation tailored to fit your needs.

Business Insurance for Tech Companies

The Hartford’s FailSafe Program

One of our premier programs for tech companies is The Hartford’s FailSafe program. This is a professional liability program specifically designed for technology companies and has options to fit companies of all sizes and scopes.

Cyber Risk

Cyber risk isn’t limited to technology companies, but it is a more obvious concern. One security breech can shut down your entire organization. Since 2008, more than 500 million data records from U.S. Businesses and organizations of every type and size have been compromised including extremely sensitive and private information.

A simple cyber liability insurance policy can save your company millions of dollars in damage. We offer comprehensive cyber risk policies that can be customized to fit your needs. In addition, you can expect RHH to provide you with timely information to help you minimize your risk and keep your premiums low.

Contact Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman today to learn more about professional liability insurance for technology companies and let us help you build a customized solution to fit your business.

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