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Summer is coming to a close and children are heading back to school. RHH Insurance wants to remind our drivers to travel safely as you return to your fall routines and follow these back-to-school driving tips.

The beginning of school brings extra congestion in the form of buses, pedestrians, bikers and car riders. It’s never been more important for drivers to slow down and pay extra attention especially before and after school.

Back-To-School Driving Tips

  • Be aware of school zones and reduced speed limits.
  • Always stop at cross walks where pedestrians have the right of way, and never stop in a cross walk because this impairs a pedestrian’s ability to cross.
  • Allow for a greater following distance when driving behind a bus. If you see yellow or red lights flashing, stop with enough room for students to safely enter and exit the bus.
  • Always stop for a school patrol officer or cross guarding holding a stop sign.
  • When dropping off a student at school, never double park because it blocks visibility for other children and drivers.

Following these five helpful driving tips and by exercising extra care and caution, drivers and students can be safe this upcoming school year. It is also helpful to allow for extra time for your commute during school rush.

Most of all, remember that you must be insured to drive and be compliant with the Maryland state auto insurance laws. The state of Maryland requires all drivers to have a minimum coverage of 30/60/15: $30,000 for bodily injury per person, $60,000 for bodily injury for two or more people and $15,000 for property damage.

Do you have questions about your auto coverage?  Contact one of specialists to review your policy and get the best coverage at the best rate for your needs.

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