According to the National Fire Prevention Association between 2010-2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 210 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. These fires caused an average of 6 deaths, 16 injuries, and $16.2 million in direct property damage annually.

Before you deck the halls and trim the tree this holiday season follow these important tree safety tips to prevent a fire in your home or place of business.

Outdoor Family Choosing Christmas Tree Together Having Fun

Selecting a Live Tree

  • Make sure that it has fresh, green needles that do not easily fall off when touched.
  • Be sure to cut off at least two inches of the tree trunk before placing it into a stand.
  • Distance the tree at least three feet from heat sources which includes heat vents, candles, heat lights, fireplaces and radiators.
  • Do not block an exit with the tree.
  • Water the tree daily.

Lighting the Christmas Tree

  • Use lights that are labeled with “independent testing laboratory”.
  • When connecting light strands, connect only the amount instructed by the manufacturer.
  • Replace worn lighting as necessary.
  • Do not use lit candles to decorate the tree.
  • Turn tree lighting off when going to bed or leaving the home.

Promptly dispose of the live tree after Christmas.  Check with your community to find out if they offer a recycling program and dispose of your tree properly.

Christmas tree fires are not common but can be deadly if precautions are not taken.  Keep your home and loved ones safe this holiday season and follow these simple tips.

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