As warmer weather approaches captains and crew members begin preparing their boats for the glorious season ahead.  In addition to the logistics of de-winterizing and pulling boats out of storage, every boater should have a plan for protecting their vessel and its passengers.

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Preparations For Bad Weather

Have an action before severe weather strikes…

  • Check that all of your equipment needed for preparing the boat is in working condition.
  • Contact your marina to learn about your responsibilites and liabilities as well as the marina’s under your joint agreement.
  • In the event of evacuation, have a navigated route mapped to a secure location for anchoring or tying down secure lines.
  • Lash down or remove any equipment including sails from the vessel
  • Seal any opening, making it water-tight
  • Turn off electricity if you plan to leave your boat in the water and remove the battery if it is to remain on land
  • Remove all boat related documents to secure place other than the boat

Have Safety Precautions In Operation Before Every Outing…

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Be safe and prepare for hazards before you go out on the water.

  • Check your local forecast…
  • Make sure your boat has essential and any required safety equipment and communications tools.
  • Life jackets: Boaters are required to have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket on board for every passenger on their vessel.
  • Fire Extinguishers: U.S. Coast Guard approved, marine fire extinguishers are required on boats where a fire hazard could be expected from the engines or fuel system.
  • Communication devices (weather radio, cell phones) are essential for weather advisories from the National Weather Service.

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