The frigid cold is sticking around the Maryland area for now.  Be sure that your home and automobile can tough out the rest of winter!


Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you haven’t already, drain garden hoses and shut off their supply lines for the entirety of winter. The outside line of the hose should remain open though to allow any remaining water to drain.

Take measures to relocate or insulate exposed pipes to ensure protection from freezing. You can also add insulation to the areas in which these pipes are located including the attic and crawl spaces. This will also help to maintain a higher temperature in the home. Pipe sleeves or tape can also work to insulate pipes for a quick solution to protect unprotected pipes.

As temperatures continue to drop be sure to keep garage doors closed if any exposed pipes are located there. Inside the house, it may be helpful to keep cabinets open under sinks to encourage warmer air to circulate around plumbing. In extreme coldness you may allow water to drip from the faucets of exposed pipes to prevent freezing.

If you plan to leave your home for a prolonged period of time be sure to leave the thermostat above 55 degrees to maintain above freezing temperatures.

Car tires on winter road

Prepare Your Car Before You Go

  • Battery- the most common cause of winter breakdowns, especially for batteries 5 years or older. Have your battery checked regularly by a mechanic and replaced before you get left out in the cold.
  • Anti-freeze- also best to have checked by your mechanic. Proper levels of anti-freeze will ensure adequate cold temperature protection.
  • Freezing Fluids- car liquids can begin to freeze below 32 degrees. Attempting to spray windshield wiper fluid while driving in frigid conditions may add a build up of ice. Be sure to safely clean your windshield prior to driving.
  • Tires- cold air also effects tire pressure. Check your tire’s pressure using the owner’s manual guidelines and test tires at the gas station. Low tire tread can also be dangerous in winter weather.

Keep your gas tank full in case of weather related emergencies and keep your car stocked with a winter weather emergency kit to include an ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight, flares, blankets, water and food.

RHH Insurance hopes that you enjoy a safe and comfortable winter!

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