Family walking together through snow

Winter has finally arrived in the Mid-Atlantic region and preventative action is the best defense against the frigid temperatures.  Here are some tips to stay safe, happy and healthy all season long!

Bundle Up,  It’s Getting Cold Outside!

When kids (and adults) go out to play in arctic temperatures be sure to they are bundled up.  Exposed skin in freezing temperatures can lead to frostbite and prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia if you are not dressed properly. Frostbite causes numbness in the affected area– typically the nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers or toes, and can permanently damage the body.  If you suspect frostbite, seek medical attention.

Hypothermia can accompany frostbite since both are caused by exposure.  The elderly and babies can be at higher risk if they are exposed to cold temperatures without adequate heat, clothing and food, resulting in a dangerously low body temperature.  The brain is then effected making the person unable to think clearly or move well.  Medical attention should be sought immediately in these cases.

Check In!

Check on friends, relatives and neighbors who are are in need of an extra hand and help them make preparations for the threat of winter weather.  Make sure they have adequate heating, food, water and medications.  This also includes your furry friends!  Pets should have adequate shelter during cold temperatures with ample food and unfrozen water.

Keep the Home Fires Burning Safely!

Make sure all heating equipment is installed and maintained by a professional.  Children and pets should be kept at least 3 feet from open fires and heating equipment.  To maximize warmth and cut down on heating bills install proper insulation in your home and use weather stripping on doors and windows.

Walking & Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Keep rock salt or sand on hand to add some traction to slippery spots around your home.  If walking on ice is unavoidable, shuffle like a penguin!  When venturing out of the house on chilly days make sure your car is prepared with a winter emergency kit to include a flashlight, blankets, reverse of food and water, jumper cables, shovel, ice scraper and first aid kit.

RHH Insurance hopes that these winter preparedness tips help to keep you safe and well this winter!

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