Everyone should have homeowner’s insurance as financial protection in case a flood or hurricane occurs in their geographic zone. The agents of Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman Insurance Inc. in Ellicott City, Md have the knowledge and experience to guide homeowners to the right type of coverage for their needs. In every case, an agent should arrange an evaluation of a home and its contents to determine the amount of coverage needed to repair or replace a home when a catastrophic event occurs. Homes located along coastlines near the Atlantic Ocean are at risk of incurring extensive damage during hurricane season. Types of hurricane damage include:

Storm Damage

• Roof damage – lifting or blown away structures
• Broken windows – from high winds or projectiles
• Damaged doors – blown in or broken from strong winds
• Outbuildings destroyed – loss of sheds or garages
• Landscaping damage – broken trees and destroyed gardens
• Secondary damage – flooding, fires and mold

Select Additional Coverage for Secondary Damage

If a homeowner still has a mortgage on a home, then they are typically required to maintain insurance that includes coverage for hurricanes and floods. In most cases, an agent will recommend a policy that covers at least 80 percent of the value of the home. While basic policies are available, a homeowner might want to select additional coverage that covers repairs for secondary problems such as sewer line backup and mold removal. After a hurricane, local waterways may flood, leading to basements filled with filthy water from lakes and sewers that requires expert remediation.

As water fills a home from heavy rain during a hurricane or afterward from a flood, the contents of the home are also at risk from moisture, electrical shortages and fires. While a home is undergoing repair or being rebuilt, homeowners and their families are unable to live in the residence and incur a huge expense to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment. Rather than wait until hurricane season arrives with subsequent flooding, homeowners should contact their agent to purchase a customized policy.

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