“Pay As You Go” Workers’ Compensation Policy Now Available!

Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman, Inc. is excited to be able to offer a new payment option that is available for many Workers Compensation Policies. You may have heard it referred to as a “pay as you go” policy because it is tailored to your actual payroll schedule.  By taking advantage of this offer you will benefit from a seamless payment process and a premium that matches your work load, large or small.

This new program provides several advantages to you:

–  Elimination of your premium down-payment

–  No additional installment fees from the Carrier

–  Streamlined audit process with no surprises at the end of the policy term

If a healthier cash flow and simpler premium payment process is right for you, try our insurance and payroll solution.  For more information on this exciting new program, please call us at 1-866-847-0449 and ask to speak to one of our Workers Compensation Specialists!

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